Info Center
  • Need ideas for copy?
  • Need help with your closing, cold-calling, sales meetings?
  • Connect's Info center has everything - articles, blogs, scripts, audio files, and hundreds of ideas for successful sales campaigns on your station.
  • Connect Info Center content is updated daily and is completely free!
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Creative Proposal Workshop
  • A real online workshop filled with hundreds of creative sales proposals.
  • Choose from seasonal proposals, day-part proposals, format-specific proposals, national holidays, industry-focused - literally hundreds available and more added each week!
  • All proposals are completely customizable inside Connect to make them your very own and are completely free! Many include audio files, powerpoint presentations, scripts, info sheets and more to help you customize, print and sell.
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Online Radio Sales Center
  • A powerful, interactive, online calendar for managing your sales day.
  • Comes pre-loaded with sell-able events for the whole year - along with links to customizable sales proposals you can customize, print and sell.
  • Always online, therefore always up-to-date - accessible from any computer and never needs 'syncing'.
  • Accessible from any computer and never needs 'syncing'.
  • Automatically generates call reports and activity reports - saves you hours of time.
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Client Manager
  • The world's only Contact Management system designed for people who sell radio. Store and manage all your contacts plus custom radio info, like CNA info, Creative Brief info etc.
  • Upload and connect docs, audio files, presentations with individual clients - and access them from anywhere.
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Productivity Tracker
  • Build lists of contacts for special events, mailing lists and promotions.
  • Create interactive web pages that gather responses from your audience and sort and store their contact information.
  • Manage lists for bridal shows, expos, client newsletters and more.
  • Run on-air campaigns and collect listener responses inside your Connect account.
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Interactive Sales Center
  • For iPhone and full web-enabled devices. Access specially-designed mobile versions of the Calendar and Client Manager to set / change appointments and add new contact info.
  • Access your stored docs, presentations and audio files and play them from your phone in your clients' office!
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Connect Mobile
  • Connect Mobile for iPhone and full web-enabled devices.
  • iPhone users can access specially-designed mobile versions of the Calendar and Client Manager.
  • Add, edit and delete contact information, add and edit events and appointments, search your contact library by name, company or even that contact's stage in your sales process.
  • Make calls and record outcomes while on the go; Connect Mobile automatically schedules call-backs and appointments in your calendar based on the results of our phone calls.
  • Available to Premium and Manager users.
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